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Are you learning from the right driving educator?

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How upsetting and unpleasant it can be if you find your driving learning experience not living up to your expectations, right? It’s common to get worried but do you ever wonder what could be the reason behind such an experience with your car training school

The most obvious reasons could be the selection of an unsuitable car training school for you, unplanned training sessions, lack of practice or lack of motivation. But, let’s focus on the main factor which brings a significant contribution to the best driving schools or elsewhere, and that is driving educators! 

Promises are made by every service provider but can they all fulfill that? There are various ways to identify if your driving educator is giving his 100% in order to make your driving learning process a success or not. 

Experiential factors

More than 2 years of experience and certification will ensure that the driving educator assigned to you by the car training school is capable of turning you into a person fond of driving. Also, one could polish your driving skills with extensive training.

Behavioural factors

1. Patient/impatient

During practical teaching or theoretical teaching, if your driving educator stays calm and makes you learn every part of the course in detail then he’s the right educator.

On the other hand, if he gets irritated or starts shouting at you in case you do something wrong out of nervousness or anxiety then immediately come out of the car and inform the service provider about his actions.

Also, if you encounter such an experience, find yourself the best driving school in Delhi which would provide effective driving classes and appropriate educators too with the help and guidance of Vaahaq.

2. Encouragement/criticism

Encouraging your student is one important part of positive teaching technique and if your driving educator motivates or praises you as a student then you should continue to learn because this can push you to do better with proper focus.

If this is not the case, and your driving educator continuously criticizes you, shows no faith in you, and doesn’t try to understand your learning speed then you have the wrong educator.

3. Intimidating/comforting

For a successful learning experience, you need to learn from a teacher with/around whom you feel comfortable and safe.

If you feel similarly then your choice is right, but If what’s happening with you is the opposite and you feel frightened by the presence of that educator then you must find some other trainer to learn driving from.

4. Inappropriate/appropriate behaviour

Feeling secure with the way how your driving educator approaches you physically or verbally while car training is quite important to learn driving skills properly and peacefully.

If that’s not the case with your driving learning sessions, this means that if you notice inappropriateness in your driving educator’s behavior, you have to take a stand by pointing him out. If he continues to make you feel uncomfortable, leave that training and find yourself a better service provider as soon as possible.

The above factors have been stated to bring awareness to the users that they have the right to speak against or change their driving educators if they end up going through such problems without having to worry about finding a suitable instructor for themselves, especially if they are taking services from an ethically professional, responsible and respect-oriented organization like Vaahaq.

Assured services like finding the suitable driving school for you, high-quality training, 24*7 customer support, etcetera, prove how extensively Vaahaq has been working to provide solutions to the users so that they wouldn’t have to face such issues while learning one of the most important skills of their lives. 

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