Blog » Uncommon driving/traffic laws in Delhi you are unaware of and might even break

Uncommon driving/traffic laws in Delhi you are unaware of and might even break

Traffic rules

Driving a car might feel easier after learning from the most suitable car training school for you and then practicing it for a few days. But, is it easy to remember all the driving laws the government has served on your plate? No! And on top of that, when you find out that there are some unpopular and odd laws you might not be aware of, it must come as a shock to you or you can say, a high and uneven speed breaker in your smooth driving right?

Before getting to the list of some uncommon rules/laws, let’s take a look at some weird driving/traffic rules implemented in India and some in a state or two other than Delhi.

Here they are:

  • While driving, If a stranger is waiting and asking for a lift, say a big NO to that feeling of generosity because giving a ride to a stranger is completely banned in India. Helping some stranger can land you in a huge problem so to avoid any mishappenings, police are allowed to seize the vehicle in this situation.
  • In Chennai and Kolkata, keeping a first-aid kit in your car is mandatory. Any person ignoring this law will be required to pay ₹500 as a fine and even in the worst case scenario, the driver could end up in jail for 3 months or less.
  • If your car is horn-less, then do not go for a drive otherwise the person driving a car without a functional horn can get punished with a fine.
  • Want to get out of the car for a quick grocery shopping or to take a picture of your car or even yourself? Simply turn off the engine before getting out of the driver’s seat because leaving your car idle with its ignition on can make you pay up a fine to the police according to the law and government of Mumbai.

Already knew about these rules? Genius! Wasn’t aware of such laws? Lose the frown on your forehead because we’ve got you covered! When it comes to Delhiites, they are quite popular in their driving styles. Loud music on, sunglasses on, tinted glasses, and some famous yet funny ‘proverbs’ later, do you realize some of these ‘styles’ are illegal? Well, we are listing out some uncommon laws below for you to avoid getting in trouble and start learning from the best driving school in Delhi.

1. No tinted glass

Removal of tinted glasses from all 4 wheelers has been ordered by the Delhi government in order to prevent misuse by some of the troubling elements that may cause major harm to society or individuals.

2. No pressure horn

Delhi government considers a pressure horn as something which could be a distraction to the people driving the cars. So, they have put a huge fine of ₹5000-₹10000 over its usage.

3. No driving without headlights

Well, driving a car at night without headlights can cause serious harm to the travelers yet police find it comparatively less of an issue because the fine amount is just ₹5-₹15. It feels like some mere formality has been made.

4. No smoking

Delhi government has issued a law which states that not only smoking in public places but also in the car, it is prohibited. If a person has parked his car somewhere, even then it’s not allowed to just sit and smoke in the car.

5. No blocking in parking

It is a difficult task to find the right spot in the parking for your car, but isn’t it the worst when you come back and find out that you cannot move your car towards the exit because it has been blocked by another car? The government has made ‘blocking the way in the parking’ an offense in which a person can report to the police in this case and then, the driver would have to pay the fine.

Some other common laws include:

  • Compulsory badge when driving a commercial car(fine- ₹10,000);
  • No usage of phone while driving (fine- ₹500 to ₹1,500);
  • Mandatory pollution control certificate while driving (fine- ₹10,000);
  • Red Light violation (fine- ₹1,000 to ₹5000);
  • Silencer in vehicle to avoid noise pollution (fine- ₹500 to ₹1,500).

Awareness about the driving or traffic laws is the most significant part of learning how to be a responsible and perfect car driver. You have to gain knowledge if you desire to be perfect in a certain skill, right? If driving is that ‘skill’ for you then learn it from the schools which provide driving classes in Delhi in the most relevant and required manner. Also, take help from the most classified and verified online study material Vaahaq provides to all of its users.

Be a motorist, be a Vaahaq.

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