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DAY 2 – How to use the car steering wheel – Do’s & Don’ts?

Your 2nd day completed as well, the instructor asked what you remember from the first class, and you came out like a champion because you read our first blog.

Today, let’s talk about handling the steering wheel, driving in a straight lane and mirrors given in the car.

Car Steering Wheel

Steering wheel or driving wheel is used to steer the car around, its one of the most important part and must be controlled with caution. New drivers often face a lot of challenges while holding the steering, they often think that if the steering is straight, then the car will go straight.

But don’t get disappointed that will not be the case. First time, the car will often go right and left.

Best way to hold the steering is 9 and 3 position. First time beginners hold the steering very tight, on holding the steering very tight you can lose control. Always keep a hand on steering but don’t hold it too tight.

Driving in Straight Line

New drivers face this challenge due to 2 reasons

  • Firstly, they are looking at the wrong place, and secondly not holding the steering wheel properly.

New drivers start looking at the straight line next to divider, when they do so, the car goes right. Or they look broken white lines, then the car goes to the left. You should always look straight, the easiest way to do so is mark the center position from your vehicle. Even if there is a curve on the road, look in the center of the road.

  • The second reason is holding the steering wheel too tight.

So, if your body moves a little bit, it disturbs your hand movement as well. If your car goes in a pothole and your holding the steering too tight, it can change the direction of the car wheel.

Car Mirrors – Side and Rear-View Mirrors

This is the most important part to avoid any accidents. 99% of the people adjust the mirrors wrongly and often challenge with the blind spot (where car when its overtaking is not visible to you), one of the major reason of the car collision. So, read it very carefully.

Hence, we will cover it in our next blog. Stay Tuned for more.

If you have questions, feel free to ask us in the comments.

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