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Day 1 – Know the basics and know about the vehicle.

Your first day just got completed, you went on the road. How was that feel behind the wheel? Amazing? nervous?  All is well? Or excited for tomorrow?

Whatever your feel maybe, always remember never let emotions take the best of you.

Basics of the car education 

  • First Step : Whenever you sit inside the car, adjust your car seat. Make sure you set the inclination of the back as well. Make sure the Knee doesn’t touch the dashboard.
  • Second Step : Adjust the rear view and side view mirror.
  • Third step: Apply your seatbelt.

Don’t push the ignition right away. Always, press the clutch completely and then push the ignition.

Now that you know the basics, how about a quick revision of what you learned, spend next 5 minutes learning and going through it.

Now let’s start from ABC (Accelerator, Brake and Clutch)

Accelerator (A) – The car accelerator pedal is also known as the throttle or gas pedal and is on the right side and you use your right foot to operate it.  

Brake (B) – The middle pedal is the brake pedal, the harder you push the pedal, the quicker your car slows down.  Never accelerate and brake at the same time and use the right foot to brake.

Clutch (C) – For many new drivers, the clutch is most difficult to master. The clutch is the pedal on the left and is operated with the left foot. Clutch disengages the gear from the gearbox allowing you to change gear.

Now, you know why pedals are important and used, let’s understand GEARS and applying them.

  • For the first time beginners, always remember apply gears by pressing the clutch. Don’t move the gear lever without pressing the clutch
  • Press the clutch and apply the first gear. For the first time beginners, car will get turned off a lot. But don’t get disappointed. It’s pretty common.
  • Now press the clutch completely, apply the first gear and before you remove your foot from the clutch, check the handbrake and disengage it, if applied. 
  • Some people might get a lot of tremors (Jhatke) as soon as they release the clutch and get the car in motion, but again don’t be disappointed, its again very common.
  • As soon as you start removing the clutch, slowly and slowly your car will start to get in motion. 

That’s all for today, Now its time to remember these things whenever you sit inside the car.

Always remember to use indicators while taking a turn. If you have a car at home, just sit inside it, just memorise all the car functions and if you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comments or ask your driving instructors.

See you tomorrow after your second class.

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