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How to Select a Driving School in India

How to select a driving school

Driving is a skill of a lifetime. If you learn how to drive once, you never forget it. Driving is a very useful skill that helps a lot making our commute simple and more convenient. Any skill is acquired through learning and consistent practice. But, how can you learn it? Well, there are many options like you can learn it from your father, brother or anyone in your family or friends or you can go to a Driving school. But, what is the best way to learn driving?

The answer is simple, Driving schools are the best way to learn driving. There are many reasons why so. In this article, you’ll get to know why going to a Driving School is the best way to learn driving and how to choose the right one for you.

Why Do You Need a Driving School?

As we mentioned before, you can learn it from anyone in your family or friends. But, they are not professional instructors and they can’t teach you the way a driving school does.

When you go to a driving school, you get theory sessions first, then you move on to a simulator, and after that, you start your practical training sessions. They also evaluate you after your training ends. They not only teach you how to drive but they also teach you about traffic rules, vehicle parts, and so many other really important things. Driving schools also help in getting a Driving License.

There is a proper curriculum, professional driving instructors, a system that makes sure you learn it from top to bottom. So, to learn driving properly, it is really important to go to a driving school.

Now, the question is, how do you find a good driving school for you? Well, if you live in India, Vaahaq is a one-stop solution to learn driving. You can find authorized driving schools, schedule your training sessions, make payments, watch videos, and do more. Vaahaq makes everything simple for you.

Steps to Identify a Good Driving School

How do you identify that a driving school is good or not? There are some factors to consider when searching for a good one. The steps to identify are as follows:

Govt Authorised Driving School

The first thing you have to do is to check that the driving school you’re visiting is approved by your state government or not. Choosing a non-authorized driving school can be very risky as they do not possess the right to teach. And, if they are not approved, there must be something wrong. So, always check this first before you visit.

Choice of Vehicles

Check out the car options they provide. Which types of cars do they have. If you’re planning to buy a hatchback, then there is no means to learn with an SUV. The pricing also depends on the car you are choosing.

Safety Measures

Safety measures are one of the most important factors you should consider before you enroll. Check out the quality of cars. Check whether the cars have a dual clutch-brake system and a sign of “student-driver” or not. Also, the cars must be having insurance policies.

Behind-the-Wheel Training

Check out how many hours of behind-the-wheel training sessions will you get. It is important to attend the theory lectures but the most important thing is practical training. You must get enough time on the road. If you spend less time behind the steering wheel, you may not learn driving properly. 


Reviews are another good option to know about the quality of training any driving school provides. Read what people say about the particular driving school you are planning to go to. Check out the rating of the school. If any school has positive feedback from the students, that means it’s going to be good for you too.


Pricing plays an important role when finding the best driving school for you. Check out that the amount any they are charging justifies its quality of training or not. Pricing also varies according to the choice of vehicle, pickup and dropoff facility, and other add-on services.


Check out how many years of experience they have. If they have many years of experience it is more likely that you will learn more from them. Also, the experienced instructors must be having a good knowledge of training students according to their pace of grasping.

So, now you know how to choose the best driving school for you. There are many factors to consider when planning to choose the good one. Now all you have to do is to do some research about driving schools near you. Again, if you are living in India, then you don’t have to worry about it. Just go to Vaahaq and find the best driving school nearby.